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Bunrab and Ekw, 90s

This is a web page of pictures from backgammon tournaments I've gone to, mostly. Every now and then I get around to fooling with it. Like right now! I'll put up pictures from tournaments within a few days or a week or a year after playing in them, depending on my whim. I stopped playing for a while, and haven't really started up (well, I happened into Las Vegas Dec 2003, took 3rd, and again at the 2005 Paris Masters and Open, where I won a jackpot or so). Also, every now and then a chouette at Cafe Borrone in Menlo Park, or a BGBB event; I even made it to the Monday Evening Chouette in North Oakland.

Okay LATEST backgammon was in St. Louis in August 2017 (I lost to Jim Painter) in the money round, but it wasn't very much anyway...

For playing backgammon online: well, things have come around. We all started out on FIBS, which became stable under Andreas Schneider's coding and Patti Beadle's admin'ing. Those days of chouetting with the likes of dougie, abbas, fnurt, pb, tk, and a lot of people I don't even remember anymore, even with their initials in front of me on the scoresheet -- it was the Golden Age of online play, strangely.

Here's a scoresheet line, which the keeper would paste in the chat (it's all one line):

pg:uteafd   fn-34x dg-9 pb-10x gk+8 ew+10 ub-2 tk+20 ab+29 [ja+2 AM-13]

I leave you to figure it out...

The FIBS chouette lasted until 1998 or so.

Then it was Gamesgrid for the longest time, even before playing for money was built in. But after a while all I would do is waste my time playing the bots. GG never moved forward, and finally closed down in May of 2008 or so.

Meanwhile I started playing on Play65, where the jackpots and tournaments are automated (I wonder why they never did that on GG) and they have occasional money-added events. For a while in 2006 I couldn't get on there, getting some odd error message.

Then I was mostly found on Truemoneygames, which I got into again via poker. But it was for euros (?), and I had no easy deposit route. So I'd freeroll my way up. (Plus, they were the first bg site to also have poker...)

That got old, so I got back on Play65 -- and to get affiliation kickback I set up on their sister site, Prime Backgammon.

☮ Greetings! ☮

[No peace symbol? IE??? Bwahahaa!]

Prague 2000

Motorcycle: I had to get new tires when Wayne of Cycle Revolution pointed out that the metal diagonal threads were visible. In other words, I was driving a suicide machine! Should be safe now. And the rattle I thought might be a loose rod (?!?) was the chain, replaced now.

Update: long gone! It had a "heart attack" (blown gasket) a mere few months before *I* did. The by-the-book repair guy made it worse, old pistons don't reset.

I love Wolverine workboots. Steel toes again, but they're light, like Rockports. Weird lacing. It may be a while before this pair looks like Arnie in Terminator. [July 2008: No, the steel has already sliced in where I shift...] [February 2018: I just threw them out; the soles liquified!]

And supersocks: I got a couple pairs of some Australian socks, they seemed great but bunched in the toes; then I found "InGenius" boot socks at the Outdoor store. They were the absolute nuts. I got another pair. The summer came around, I bought two pairs of their lighter socks. Enough!

So then it was poker for a while. I was filling out some form on a poker site which asked for "Profession" and it didn't have an option "Online Poker Player." That felt wrong. It was Gabe who finally pushed me into playing (July 2003), after "prepping" by Bob "Coach" Ciaffone and Shino. Not necessarily a favor. Once I was going, Pete was my main mentor, and of course Diana. And Jinelle even gets some backhand credit, dragging me onto TMG to help her game, when as they say, the teacher learned more than the student...

I had a "result," a mere ten weeks after taking the game up. I played in some little Sunday tournament on Party Poker (where I am "ekwity:), and .... well, I paid $26 and won $36. How could *that* be bad?? (Okay, I'm leaving out a few zeroes...)

I was a commentator on, under the icon Tony Rook. Then the ICC took in, which was okay, maybe. But he left, then ICC went about trying to do the same thing with no personality (well, no Tony), then they tried to pair me up in a way Tony knew not to do (I had vetoed it, really), and next thing I knew I was shelved. Blacklisted even.

Sep 2004: I did a couple rounds of Dortmund (including the game Kramnik-Leko, a "sample" before their upcoming match). I am certainly not the player I used to be, but we have fun and do manage to get into the games.

Jul 2005: going to cover Biel in a couple weeks. I've been there a few times, my first wife's mother lives just six blocks from the site!

2006: is now officially the "ICC Webcast," part of the Internet Chess Club ( See you there as well! (ID ekw) (I *do* play the odd speed game...)

March 2006: Okay, that was a while ago! I didn't realize this has been going on so long! I've just been covering both Linares and the US Championship in San Diego. 32 games at once?!?? Crazy. The only person to complain was the woman doing the synched chessboard, "you talk too fast!" SORRYY....

October 2011: Playing again! Chess that is. Mechanics' Marathons. I tried rapids and there went my rating. I was 2421reg/2477quick when I quit in 1995; now I'm back *over* 2300 regular, but the quick rating is under 2200...

Also FNMs at Berkeley Chess School. I am 2017 Champion!

What I Do
1. Backgammon (teach play)
2. Chess (blither, blather and blab)
3. Poker (Student again!)
4. Code (learning python)
5. Type (and phylum)
(Cisco stuff was a dead end.)
(I know about dead ends.)
The Cafe Project will no longer happen. The problem is now insurmountable: I can not go to San Francisco. I just can't. That neighborhood, the 9th and Irving area, is especially poisonous. Maybe I do somewhere else...


What I'm on: Compaq FD 750 (Circuit City sale), Canon Powershot SD750 Digital Elph (Tigerdirect sale), Google Chrome, cygwin, (g)vi(m) via ssh.

Glasses? GLASSES?? Yep -- for reading. No more 0000 rapidographs for me...

Paris 2001
Chuck Papazian
Sep-Nov 1998: Round the World Tour
July 12-19 1998: World Championship
FIBS/W Moire Site
Pictures @ Tournaments

Paris 2001

In Memory:
Chuck Papazian

The Great Swami is playing the other side of this "life" proposition now; not that he thinks he had the worst of it, not at all; but dem's da rulez.

Chuckie's niece Lisa contacted me! Chuck's "real," Armenian name is Garo! Thanks!

[Hey, check out her comedy act, on -- I wonder if she does something about her uncle. We used to imagine somehow transporting him from the couch at Jones Street, where he'd sleep his way to 80-point wins in the interlocking chouette, to a comedy club and let him wake up on stage. He was one of the funniest people I've ever met.]

Sep-Nov 1998: Round the World Tour

Hong Kong, Bangkok, Helsinki, Moscow, Copenhagen, Stockholm, Rio, Las Vegas

July 12-19 1998: World Championship

Monte Carlo Final: Meyburg over Winslow

FIBS/W Moire Site!

It's a self-extracting executable archive. Create a directory to save it in, then click on it. Read (click on) _readme_.txt. THIS ALL NEEDS WORK (It should just extract and you should be ready to go, I know). Oh, check the help within FIBS/W, too -- it is a good coverage of what to do once you're online. 


Right now it's mostly old ones, but I'm catching up. PROBLEM: Better camera means better pictures means larger images, and more of them (gone from 8 shots folowed by lengthy download to 35 or so followed by similar annoying transfer, now to 235 shots, almost-instant transfer!). So, I have a SPACE issue. Anyone have 100 MBs of low-bandwidth storage to spare?

Various Backgammon Personalities

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